The Ten Best People I Know

Recently, I wrote a blog entry as a response and companion piece to another entry on Gawker. As previous items I've written have been read only by friends, Facebook contacts or, at most, competition judges, the speed and size of its reach was rather unexpected (I believe it's currently near 40,000 readers). The piece,… »8/02/13 10:06am8/02/13 10:06am


The Ten Worst People on the Sidewalk

With people responding so vehemently to Gawker's " The Ten Worst People On the Subway," it seemed sensible to think that New Yorkers' rage for their less-than-considerate cohabitants might extend to the above-ground folk. Thus, and with all due respect to Hamilton Nolan, I present to you a companion piece: The Ten… »7/11/13 11:40am7/11/13 11:40am